Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hooded Eye Tips

Hooded eyes, a blessing or curse? On the one hand, people often compliment my "bedroom eyes". And on the other hand, if I'm not conscious about opening my eyes wider I tend to look high in photographs.

But for me the biggest downside is eyeliner transfer. If you have hooded eyes you know what's up. You applied your eyeliner in the morning and it looked fab, but you use the restroom midday and have black smudges all over your brow bone. So the last time I went to Ulta I was on a mission to buy an eyeliner that promised wonderful, no transfer, no smudge results. Enter ...

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

The Pros:
-This stuff does not move once dry, and dry time is under a minute.
-The black is really BLACK and gives you a very sultry look
-It has a precision tip that makes application easy

The Cons:
-It applies a little thin for my taste, so I have to apply a layer, let it dry, apply again, etc. until I get the desired line thickness I like.
-I don't know how waterproof it is, it does come off in the shower so don't expect to wear this in the water and have it stay looking flawless

Overall this is the best eyeliner I've found so far for hooded eyes. I'm not constantly checking the mirror anymore to see where on my face the eyeliner may have gone!

Some other tips for eyeliner transfer:

-Use an eye shadow primer (even if you don't plan to use eye shadow) on your lids and brow bone
-Additionally, apply your foundation or concealer over the primer
-Carry Q-tips! They are great erasers should your eyeliner continue to leave black transfer smudges

I hope you found this helpful!


This is a non-sponsored post and all products shown were bought by me

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