Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Chateau Chic? The Parisian Dresser

My dresser is the first thing I see in the morning so it's an area I've maintained to help me feel relaxed as I wake up. I actually got this dresser set (the 2nd piece is reflected in the mirror) from an ad on craigslist! I was told it was very old but I don't know its age specifically. Delving a little into the things on my dresser I love the most ... 

"Antiqued" table top clock is from Pier 1. The soap holder I bought from a gift shop at Versailles. If you ever visit Paris, I encourage you to take the quick train ride to visit the Palace. That was the highlight of my French vacation a few years ago.

Closer photo of one of my many souvenirs from France

And finally I got these postcards from the showing of Anna Karenina in Salt Lake City that I keep slipped into the mirror. You will come to know well that Leo Tolstoy is one of my favorite writers (I did name my dog after him!)

"There are as many loves as there are hearts" Tolstoy

Going to leave you with a few photos from my excursion in Versailles


In the halls

Gold Fountain



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