Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Cleaning Series, Day One: The Bathroom

This is a series I'm going to be doing over the course of spring, a way of keeping myself accountable on my path to an organized life and sharing some tips and tricks with you guys!

By rule of thumb I consider myself pretty good at keeping a bathroom clean. But organized & de-cluttered, not so much. Enter a little spring cleaning ambition and the following rules ...

1. Create a place for cosmetics: I hate having products on the counter but I realized there were some things I just needed easier access to and a catch all for the counter top seemed like the logical way to go. It creates much needed storage space while still looking neat and organized. It's also nice to have a place for your makeup brushes so they aren't getting messy and ruined by being mixed with your other products.

Then the area inside my drawer was a disaster; I could never find what I needed without wasting time rummaging around, spilling or breaking other products in the process. So I bought two acrylic storage pieces and now all of my cosmetics that get used regularly are visible and separated by type. Any other products I own but use rarely are tucked away in a cosmetic bag out of sight and are no longer in the way. I also encourage you to throw out some of your makeup. If it's old or you haven't used it in a year, toss it. I got all three of these acrylic storage baskets from Target.

2. Go Through Your Medicine Cabinet: Does showing my medicine cabinet to the world make me brave? Maybe not since this is the after photo. I bet you have at least five things in yours that you can throw away right now. Some probably don't even make sense. For example I had LASIK eye surgery over a year ago and still had bottles and bottles of contact solution and old, dried out lenses. So go, now! Get rid of the old/nasty/space wasting junk in your medicine cabinet.

3. Only keep products in your shower that are used at least weekly: Shown above is what I was able to minimize my shower products to. It's very refreshing to get in the shower and not be overwhelmed by stacks of shampoos, soaps, face washes etc. that you don't use. Keep anything you don't need weekly in storage under the sink, so it's there to grab when you need it but it's not cluttering your shower space. I also like to use a suction basket to keep all my products off the shower floor.

4. Consider hanging storage: And finally, this last step is optional but I highly recommend. I keep lotions, fragrance beads, and a hand towel on this shelf and towel rack. Any product you want to keep out but not cluttering your counter space can be kept on a hanging shelf like this.

I hope you found part one of my spring cleaning series useful! I'm not sure what part of my home will be tackled next but stay tuned.



  1. everything looks super organized! Well done! I should do a cleanse too, my cabinets are looking kinda bad right now..
    The Beauty Break

    1. Thank you! I'm naturally a disorganized person so I really have to focus on having a designated "place" for everything to keep me on track.